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Do your goals keep slipping from your grasp?

Are you realizing your infinite potential?

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Gregg will show you how to achieve better results and demonstrate effective and easy short-cuts to replacing paradigms and habits that are not serving you!

These concepts are based on Bob Proctor’s life work that have made $MILLIONS and changed average lives into magnificent dream lives… Contact us now to schedule a keynote or motivational program.

Gregg Ward

is the founder of He’s studied Chi Kung and the martial arts for over 20 years, practicing as a nationally certified massage therapist since 1996, specializing in body energy dynamics. He brings to you his study at the Xi Yuan hospital of traditional Chinese medicine in China – an ‘East meets West’ form of preventive self-care science.

Gregg’s approach to healing is to help his clients find the Mental / Emotional Root-Cause of disease and disorders. Learn how your thoughts are creating emotions that set up physical manifestations in your body, and most importantly, how to get rid of what you don’t want!